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Save your GUMS and Save your LIFE! 

“The Holy Grail of Oral Hygiene” has been discovered, and it’s neither a toothbrush, nor a toothpaste – it’s The WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™!

We are revolutionizing the oral hygiene industry, with our Patent Pending WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ – the first brush engineered specifically for safe and proper access to and cleaning and stimulation of and UNDER (hence our spelling) ALL gumlines, to pamper and protect your gums, teeth and implants, since gum disease (gingivitis and periodontitis) – in addition to causing bad breath, gum recession/cold sensitivity, and tooth/implant loss, is also linked to many life-threatening diseases.  


The Experts Estimate That



of Adults and Teens Have Gum Disease.

This is due to harmful and sticky bacterial plaque hiding, residing, and thriving at and under our gumlines.

THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ was designed to properly reach and gently remove this plaque.



The Experts Explain That

It’s not just due to “poor brushing and flossing habits” – it begins with inadequate hygiene aids (which is why The WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ was invented).

Gum disease is due to harmful and sticky bacterial plaque hiding, residing, and thriving at and under our gumlines.  The WUNDERBRUSH for GUMS™ was specifically designed to properly reach and gently remove this plaque.

Note: (hardened plaque is tarter/calculus, and cannot be removed with a brush)


A. Toothbrushes were designed for TEETH, (hence the name), not gums.

B. Toothbrushes cannot properly and thoroughly reach to and under all gumlines.


Using a Conventional Toothbrush

at your gumlines can result in “Toothbrush Abrasion” – scrubbing your gums away,  exposing roots, causing cold sensitivity, and creating notches in your teeth.


Gingivitis Can Progress to Periodontitis

which results in the hidden inner linings of our gums becoming inflamed, infected, and converted to a “superhighway” for pathologic bacteria to enter our bloodstreams and be linked to many life-threatening diseases.


Our Gumlines Are

additively, about 2 feet long, and if the surface area of gums’ inflamed/ infected linings are “added-up”, they amount to a wound which is the size of the palm of one’s hand!


Most people with gum disease don’t know they have it, because it’s “hidden/ invisible” and asymptomatic, until its most severe stages.

From The Experts

Gum disease is linked to many life-threatening diseases, including COVID-19, which is 9 times more fatal!

Gum disease is linked to numerous serious diseases – including heart disease, lung, liver, and kidney diseases, diabetes, cancers, and, more recently, Alzheimer’s disease, and COVID-19 infection (which is 9 times more deadly in individuals with gum disease – see research page).



In fact, the above incidence statistic is STAGGERING, given the fact that Charles C. Bass, M.D. first suggested that we should brush our not only our teeth, but also at and under our gum lines, in the 1940s – 75 YEARS AGO –  shortly after World War II.

Bacteria hide, reside, and thrive under our gumlines.

Gum Disease results in…

Bad Breath and Morning Breath

Gum Recession, Root Exposure, Cold-Sensitivity, and Potential Development for Abscess

Tooth & Implant Loss

Gum Disease is linked to…

Heart Disease & Other Organ Diseases

Diabetes, Cancer, & Alzheimer's Disease

Increased Symptoms and Fatalities Associated with COVID-19 Infection

“Toothbrushes are appropriate for TEETH, but only The WUNDERBRUSH for GUMS is appropriate for GUMS!”

– Dr. Salvatore P. DeRicco
Founder & Inventor

reaching and fitting under gumlines more thoroughly and more gently/safely than conventional toothbrushes can.

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The first and only brush engineered specifically for gums to help the estimated 90% of adults and teens with gingivitis or periodontitis, because gum disease is linked to many life-threatening diseases.

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