Toothbrushes are for TEETH, while THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ is for GUMS.

There are two things that other brushes lack, which restricts them from getting to where THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ does – REACH and FIT. Other brushes cannot predictably reach – both to our gumlines and under our gumlines – especially on the tongue sides of our teeth, because our teeth, themselves, obstruct other brushes from getting there; and other, multi-row brushes have too many rows of bristles, to be able to fit under our gumlines. THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ solves both of these problems:

1. By having an offset/extended head, which reaches over our front teeth – to reach our gumlines on the tongue sides of our back teeth, and over our back teeth, to reach our gumlines on the tongue side of our front teeth

2. By having just one row of bristles, in order to be able to fit under our gumlines!

In addition, the bristles are offset by 45 degrees (to the sides of the handle), to help guide the bristles under our gumlines.

And, finally, I designed the handle to be hollow – to reduce its plastic volume, and to reduce “plastic pollution”.  This was inspired by The Ocean Elders – an eminent advocacy team, which includes H. M. Queen Noor, H. S. H. Prince Albert II, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, Sir Richard Branson, Jean-Michel Cousteau, and many other researchers, educators, dignitaries and celebrities, who have brought my attention to this important consideration.

Using a toothbrush to clean your gums is like using a fork to cut your food! It may only be 10% effective. 

Why else would 90% of adults & teens have gum disease?

A reasonable analogy for using a TOOTHbrush to clean your gums is using a fork to cut your food; you can cut some of your foods, reasonably, with a fork (desserts, some breakfast foods, etc.) – perhaps 10% of all of your foods; but to cut 100% of your foods, properly, you need a knife; and, by the same token, you may be able to clean 10% of your gums, reasonably, with a TOOTHbrush, but to properly and effectively clean 100% of your gums, you need a brush specifically designed for reaching and brushing at and under your gumlines – namely, THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™!!

What makes THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ so unique and beneficial is its combination of 6 features identified above:

1. Its head is offset from the “neck” of the brush, to permit it to reach over all teeth, and to access the gumlines on the tongue side of ALL of your teeth – with unubstructed access.

2. It has only 5 tufts of bristles, so its bristles can fully and properly fit everywhere, including the “narrowest” areas – at and under the gumlines at the backs of your upper and lower front teeth (see demonstration video).

3. It has only ONE row of Ultra-Soft bristles, so the bristles can predictably fit into the crevice between your gums and teeth.

4.  The bristles are offset at 45 degrees to the sides of the handle, to help guide the bristles under your gumlines, at the proper angle.

5. The handle is hollow – for plastic volume reduction.

6. The handle is vented, since it’s hollow – for airflow/drying.

Do NOT scrub your gums – GUMSSAGE™ them!

The technique developed by Dr. Bass – which we have named “GUMSSAGE™” – is NOT a scrubbing motion – which can damage teeth (by creating “toothbrush abrasion” notches) and gums, (by abrading them away), but rather, is a gentle massaging/vibratory process, used with our exclusively ULTRA-SOFT bristles -to safely and effectively remove the harmful bacterial plaque and biofilm, located at and under your gumlines, without damaging your teeth and gums.

THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ is also a great diagnostic tool!

Unfortunately, much like many cancers, gum disease is asymptomatic, until the advanced stages – when it’s often too late to be able to do much about it.  However, bleeding upon brushing is the cardinal sign of gum disease – even in its earliest stage!  As such, by being able to reach 100% of your gums, THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ serves as the perfect diagnostic tool, for you to know if your gums are inflamed/infected, by just using it and reaching all your gums!  Since its bristles are all Ultra-Soft, end-rounded, polished, and non-irritating, any bleeding elicited can only be due to pre-existing inflammation/infection. And, if the bleeding continues – after several days of twice-daily use, it’s a strong indication of the need for you to see your dentist, ASAP – sooner than your next scheduled recall/check-up.