I am Dr. Salvatore DeRicco – a dentist, orthodontist, award-winning toothbrush inventor, and successful entrepreneur.  And I have invented THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™, which is the first brush engineered specifically for gums, and which was inspired by the estimated 90% of adults and teenagers who have gum disease – either gingivitis or periodontitis, and the many life-threatening and life-shortening diseases, which are known to be linked to gum disease.

While THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ was conceived of one year before the COVID-19 pandemic, the discovered link between gum disease and more severe effects of COVID-19 infection further inspired and expedited the need to produce it.

The most recent research – indicating that COVID-19 is NINE TIMES more fatal – in victims with gum disease, than in those without gum disease, validated our efforts:


truly appreciate your considering THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™, and I hope that you can support this brush by either purchasing one and/or sharing the website with your loved ones, friends, and colleagues, who may benefit from THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ – even if just to improve their breath, for when you have to meet with them!


The need to brush not only at, but under our gumlines was determined in the 1940’s – 75 YEARS GO – shortly after World War II – by Charles C. Bass, M.D., and YES, he was not a dentist, but a physician, who had gum disease, and who wanted to avoid having to have his teeth extracted, as was done, routinely, for gum disease.  And, while he developed both a toothbrush and a technique for us to attempt to brush both at and under  our gumlines – “The Bass Technique™”, he refused to distribute it to anyone – including dentists, who he did not personally instruct in its method of use – perhaps due to its complexity of use. And nobody has developed a more predictably effective, efficient, and user-friendly brush – for gums, since then, which is why the incidence of gum disease is STILL outrageously high – at 90% of all adults and teens!… 

BAD BREATH? Check your gums.

…Recognizing this cavernous void, in proper daily oral hygiene, I – as a Dental Specialist and an Award-Winning toothbrush inventor, have picked up where Dr. Bass left off, by establishing “The PERFECTED Bass Technique™”, (a.k.a. “The SIMPLIFIED Bass Technique™”), by simplifying and foolproofing your ability to brush at and under your gumlines, especially because we have learned – much more recently, that gum disease not only results in the obvious problems, including:

BAD BREATH  (often due to gum disease)

– GUM RECESSION  (the underlying bone degenerates and is lost and the gums follow)

– TOOTH and IMPLANT LOSS  (when too much supporting bone is lost and mobility ensues)…

Gum disease provides a gateway into our bloodstreams for pathological bacteria.

…but even more importantly, and due to gum disease being a chronic inflammatory infection, which enables pathologic oral bacteria to enter our bloodstreams, gum disease is also linked to the following Life-Shortening Diseases and Life-Threatening Diseases:

– Heart disease 

– Liver, Lung, and Kidney Diseases

– Diabetes

– Pregnancy Diseases

– Cancers

– Alzheimer’s Disease

– COVID-19 coronavirus infection (increased severity*)

* Molayem S, Pontes CC. The Mouth-COVID Connection: Il-6 Levels in Periodontal Disease — Potential Role in COVID-19-Related Respiratory Complications [published online ahead of print July 30, 2020]. J Calif Dent Assoc doi: 10.35481/jcda-48-10-01.

Toothbrushes are for TEETH, but THE WUNDERBRUSH FOR GUMS™ is engineered for the proper care of your gums!